She's the life of the party. She loves South Coast Wines. She is the Sparkling Star for South Coast Winery and is having a great time doing it!

Meet Ms. D herself (a.k.a. Lisa Sharp)

"I live in Newport Beach with my wonderful fiancee Ryan. I work for Monarch Healthcare in Irvine as a Project Manager implementing Electronic Medical Records Systems in physician offices. I have a Bachelor in Business and Healthcare Admin from Cal State Long Beach and I have a Master in Public Health from UCLA. I am also going to be getting married at South Coast Winery in September! So most of my free time is spent planning the big day. I believe I am Lady D because my sparkling personality rivals Spumante Diamante sparkling wine!"

On the day Spumante Diamante was set to be unveiled at our prestigious Wine Club Members Appreciation Party, Lady D was whisked away for some pampering treatments at our glorious GrapeSeed Spa. Then she was dressed to the nines in a stunning royal blue gown and draped in diamonds so generously loaned by La Masters Jewelers! Here "Coming Out" Party was well-attended by Club Members, who not only received a generous sampling of the Spumante Diamante, but were also well-fed with Chef's decadent delights! It was a night of nights! Enjoyed by all!

First Runner Up in the Lady D Contest Our Lady D, first runner up, was Wine Club Member, Ms. Eva Jared!
(Pictured left with Lady D)

"I am D'Eva. I love to Sparkle, and I love to shine.... and ask anyone ....I'm all about the wine! I am also one of SCW's Biggest Fans. No wine experience is complete without the South Coast Wine experience. Whether it's a glass of Syrah to go with my Steak dinner or the Smooth taste of a Chardonnay with my grilled chicken... Or better yet what better way to indulge with my favorite chocolate then with my man "JACK"; no social event is complete without my gal "RUBY". So Cheers to You South Coast Winery Resort and Spa...Temecula's finest Winery."


Congratulations to our Divas! And many heartfelt Thank You's to all of those who participated. Be sure to keep a watchful eye out for more contests, special deals, and fun and exciting events by connecting with SCWRS on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our twice monthly email newsletter! Stay tuned for more fun and wine!

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